Vanquish 1.0.1


Vanquish is a unique multiplayer strategy board game! The game consists of a board containing a 6×6 grid of tiles. The objective of the game is to have the most of your colour tile on the board by the end of the game. Each player starts with two tiles of their colour in the middle of the board. Players then take turns placing their tiles around the existing tiles. Every time you place a tile of your colour, all of your opponent’s tiles between the tile you placed and your existing tiles will turn to your colour. The game ends when either the board is filled with coloured tiles or your opponent has no moves available. The player who has the most tiles of their colour on the board when the game ends wins!

The game is integrated with Game Center which provides leaderboards and online multiplayer functionality. Alternatively, the game also includes a local multiplayer feature to play on a single device. Compete with family and friends from anywhere on a single device or wirelessly over either bluetooth or WiFi!

– Unique multiplayer strategy board game!
– Elegant, clean and simple design
– Multiple themes to choose from
– Game Center leaderboards
– Game Center multiplayer to compete wirelessly
– Local multiplayer to compete with a friend on a single device
– Retina display graphics optimized for all devices (including the iPhone 5)



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